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  • Dutch Pancakes

    Open Mon to Fri 8:00 am to 4:00 pm | Sat 9:00 am to 2:00 pm | Sun closed | THE KITCHEN CLOSES HALF AN HOUR BEFORE CLOSING TIME
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Welcome to The Sweaty Dutchman

A Bistro and coffee shop Situated right in the heart of Kareedouw in the Eastern Cape

The Sweaty Dutchman is the perfect stop whether it is the beginning or the end of your journey on the famous Cape Route 62 that gives you an alternative scenic route from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth.


The Eastern part of Cape Route 62 , the "Langkloof", is home to one of the largest deciduous fruit growing areas in the country. With its orchards and picturesque settings the route makes for a scenic and pleasurable drive.


If you want something decadent and treat your taste buds, then our ‘Dutch Pancakes’ will provide a unique experience. The in-house recipe, developed by the Sweaty Dutchman himself, provides for a texture that is fluffy and moist, with a golden and crispy edge.


It is always great to meet new travellers of Cape Route 62 and reacquaint with old friends. Take the time to stretch your legs and give the children a break from the back seat and pop in for a minute or two - you might just stay a little while longer.



Premium Coffee

We have chosen the best coffees from around the world that have been roasted to perfection to prepare your hot or cold coffee beverage to the highest standard.


From a normal cup of coffee or an espresso to a cafe latte or cappuccino - perfection and taste is our aim in the best coffee shop in Kareedouw.

Filter Coffee

Perfectly brewed coffee...


With steam heated milk we prepare the ultimate...

Espresso Tazza D'oro

The perfect balanced espresso that will tantalise...

Dutchman's Coffee Shake

An explosion of coffee and ice cream blended...

Our Legendary Pancakes

Out of the ordinary, leaning towards the extra-ordinary to cover an entire range of appetites.


Cinnamon, sugar and lemon


Ice Cream


Cherry Compote




Chicken Fillet Peach and Almond


Top-side Mince and Bacon

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